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At DK Detailing & Valeting Ltd, we understand the importance of protecting and enhancing the appearance of your fleet vehicles. Our specialized Ceramic Coating service is designed to provide the ultimate protection for your vehicles, ensuring they look their best and last longer on the road.

Our full vehicle detailing service goes beyond a standard wash. We obliterate contaminants inside and out, paying extra attention to the smaller details that make a significant difference. We use high-quality cleaning products from reputable suppliers and can even clean without the use of chemicals if required.

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Maintain, restore, and transform your fleet with DK Detailing & Valeting Ltd. Our mobile service ensures you can enjoy incredible finishes without the hard work. Contact us now to book your fleet detailing service and secure your spot—availability is filling up fast!

Graphic Restoration

If your vehicle graphics have seen better days, we can remove and replace stripes and more to give your fleet a fresh, appealing look.

Vehicle Restoration

Our auto detailing service can reverse signs of damage and bumps by focusing on the paintwork and scuffs. Our thorough washing and decontaminating processes achieve unbelievable results, saving you money on costly repairs.

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